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Making a complaint or providing information to the Inspector

Who can complain to the Inspector?

Anyone can refer to the Inspector concerns of corrupt conduct, maladministration or officer misconduct relating to the NACC. The Inspector cannot deal with complaints about any other agency or its staff.

The Commissioner of the NACC must refer a NACC corruption issue to the Inspector.

The Inspector may also deal with a NACC corruption issue if they become aware of it in any other way.

There are protections for persons making a disclosure to the Inspector.

How to provide information or complain to the Inspector

You can provide information or make a complaint to the Inspector by:

While written methods are preferred, you can also request a phone call and someone will contact you.

What should you include in your complaint

So that the Inspector can properly understand your complaint please give as much specific and detailed information as you can. It will be of assistance in dealing with your complaint if you provide the following information:

  • your contact details and preferred contact method (so the Inspector can let you know the outcome of your complaint or request additional information)
  • whether you wish to make your complaint confidential from the NACC and any other persons (and if so from whom)
  • whether your complaint is about the NACC or a staff member of the NACC (and the staff member’s name if known)
  • if your complaint is about a NACC corruption issue, maladministration or officer misconduct in relation to the NACC. If you are not sure or your complaint does not fit into these categories the Inspector will assess it to determine whether they can deal with it
  • if you have had dealings with the NACC:
    • a reference number from the NACC (if known)
    • supporting documents (for example, a copy of your complaint to the NACC and a copy of their response to you)
  • the details of your complaint
  • the outcome you are you hoping for.

Please be mindful that the Inspector cannot substitute their decision for a decision of the NACC.  For example, if you are unhappy about a decision of the NACC not to investigate your complaint, the Inspector cannot tell the NACC to investigate your complaint because the Inspector may have a different view.

Making an anonymous complaint

You can make an anonymous complaint. Making an anonymous complaint means however, that the Inspector will not be able to contact you to provide information about the progress of the complaint. In some instances, it may be difficult to investigate certain aspects of an anonymous complaint. For example, where information needs to be verified with the complainant or further information is required from the complainant, in order to investigate further.

Further information

For further information on how the Inspector handles complaint, please see the Complaints handling policy and procedure on the Inspector’s webpage.