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Role and powers of the Inspector

Role of the Inspector

The Inspector’s role is to:

  • detect corrupt conduct in the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC)
  • undertake preliminary investigations into NACC corruption issues
  • undertake investigations into NACC corruption issues that could involve corrupt conduct that is serious or systemic. ‘Serious or systemic’ means something that is significant, something more than negligible or trivial but it does not have to be severe or grave. Systemic means something that is more than an isolated case, it involves a pattern of behaviour or something that affects or is embedded in a system
  • refer NACC corruption issues to the NACC, Commonwealth agencies and State or Territory government entities
  • investigate complaints of maladministration or officer misconduct by the NACC or a staff member of the NACC. The Inspector cannot deal with complaints about any other agency or its staff
  • provide relevant information and documents to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on
    the NACC
  • receive public interest disclosures under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013
  • audit the NACC to monitor compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth
  • report to Parliament on the outcomes of the Inspector’s activities.