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What can the Inspector audit?

The Inspector can audit the operations of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) to monitor its compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth and to detect maladministration and officer misconduct.

When conducting an audit the Inspector can:

  • enter any premises occupied by the NACC
  • have all reasonable facilities and assistance that the NACC Commissioner is capable
    of providing
  • have full and free access at all reasonable times to any information, documents or other property of the NACC
  • require a staff member of the NACC to provide any information the Inspector considers necessary, being information:
    • that is in the staff member’s possession, or to which the staff member has access; and
    • that is relevant to the audit; and
  • examine, make copies of or take extracts from any information or documents.

The Inspector can make recommendations to the NACC on the outcomes of its audits.

It is likely that the Inspector will make public the results of any audits, unless special
circumstances apply.