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Make a complaint

Any person may refer a complaint about a corruption issue relating to the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) or provide other information to the Inspector about corrupt conduct relating to the NACC.

Any person can complain or provide information to the Inspector about maladministration or officer misconduct relating to the NACC.

The Inspector cannot investigate complaints about anyone other than the NACC or an officer of the NACC.

The Inspector is independent of the Government and independent of the NACC.

To make a complaint email or fill in the form below.

About you

You are not required to provide the Inspector with your personal details and may remain anonymous. While the Inspector can accept anonymous reports about the NACC, the Inspector will not be able to obtain further information from you and may not be able to verify information you provide. The Inspector will also not be able to advise you of the outcome of the matter if you remain anonymous.

Do you wish to provide your personal details?
Do you wish to make this complaint confidential from the NACC and any other persons [and if so from whom]?
Are you making this complaint on behalf of someone else?

What your complaint is about

Is your complaint about the NACC or a staff member of the NACC?
Is your complaint about corrupt conduct relating to the NACC?

A person engages in corrupt conduct if:

  1. they are a public official and they breach public trust
  2. they are a public official and they abuse their office as a public official
  3. they are a public official or former public official and they misuse information they have gained in their capacity as a public official
  4. they do something that adversely affects a public official’s honest or impartial exercise of powers or performance of official duties.
Is your complaint about maladministration?

Maladministration is

  • unlawful conduct
  • corrupt conduct
  • an act which is unreasonable, unjust, oppressive or improperly discriminatory
  • an act which comes from improper motives
  • a decision that has taken into account irrelevant matters
  • an act which arises from a mistake of law or fact
  • where reasons were not given and should have been given
Is your complaint about officer misconduct?

Officer misconduct is conduct of a staff member that would be maladministration if the NACC did it.

Supporting documentation

Please email any supporting documentation (for example, a copy of your complaint to the NACC and a copy of their response to you) to

There are a range of protections for disclosures about NACC corruption issues.

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